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1908 Postcard
Leb’s Pig Alley
Luckie & Forsyth St.
Atlanta Ga.
Thank you, Mr. Bird
“They call this a music stool,
but I’ve been a twisting and
twirling for this last ten minutes,
and not a tune does it play.”
Figural Cast Iron
“Drunk Man”
Bottle Opener
Imperial Council
Atlanta 1914
Chattahoochee River Raft Race 1970’s
Atlanta Transit
System 30 Year
Service Pin
How vain is it to
sit down and write when you have not stood up to live.
Henry David Thoreau
“ It’s hard to be nostalgic when you can’t
remember anything.”
A Bully Ride in Marietta Ga. 1908
Nunnally Fine Candies Atlanta
Be good to thy friend to keep him, to thy enemy to gain him.
Ben Franklin
He that can compose himself, is wiser than he
that composes books.
Ben Franklin
isn’t what it
used to be.
Genealogy begins as an interest,
Becomes a hobby;
Continues as an avocation,
Takes over as an obsession,
And in its last stages,
Is an incurable disease.
Kind words will cost you nothing The efforts are but small, so in your daily walks of life speak kindly unto all.
"Few women understand, at the outset, that in marrying, they have simply captured a wild animal, and staked their chances for future happiness on their ability to tame him. He is beautiful physically very likely, of pleasing manners and many external graces, and often possessed of noble qualities of mind and heart; but at the core of his nature he cherishes still his original savagery, the taming of which is to be the life work of the woman who has taken him in charge."
Letters from a Chimney Corner, 1886
"A good manner is the best letter of recommendation among strangers. Civility, refinement and gentleness are passports to hearts and homes, while awkwardness, coarseness and gruffness are met with locked doors and closed hearts".
Our Deportment. 1881
"Never scratch your head, pick your teeth, clean your nails, or worse of all, pick your nose in company; all these things are disgusting. Spit as little as possible and never upon the floor. If you are going into the presence of ladies, beware of onions, spirits and tobacco."  The Art of Good Behavior. 1845
"It is the duty of a gentleman to know how to ride, to shoot, to fence, to box, to swim, to row and to dance. He should be graceful. If attacked by ruffians, a man should be able to defend himself, and also to defend women from their insults"
Rules of Etiquette and Home Culture. 1886
As a respectful Southern term of affection,
Southern matriarchs are called “ Miss,”
regardless of their marital status at a certain age.