Monument to Atlanta’s Progress
by Clifford H. Baldowski
1977 published in AJC
Buckhead was incorporated as a town Aug. 17, 1908. This community was settled in 1838 by Henry Irby (1807-1879), for whom the post office of Irbyville was named. It was said that a man killed a buck deer and nailed its head to a tree near the store here, and it remained there for some time. It might have been Irby himself who shot the deer.
Thrasherville was an early Atlanta area settlement, located between White Hall and the Chattahoochee River. Named for John J. “Cousin John” Thrasher, who arrived here from Newton County in 1839, when the county was entirely covered with forest. With a partner he established the first store in what is now Atlanta, called Johnson and Thrasher.
 30318 Zip Code Info
population-- 53,229
land area --
529 sq. miles
Peachtree Hills Place
Huff Road was named after this family, and was located on the NE corner of Huff Road and Ellsworth Industrial Ave. The Huff home was built in 1855 over the foundation of a log home that was built in the 1830’s. Sara Huff, born May 9, 1856, and her sister lived in this house, their whole lives.
The house was demolished in May 1954.
Sara Huff wrote a book, ‘My 80 Years in Atlanta’, which tells of her experience during the Civil War.
Dr. Robert E. Latta Residence -
 Peachtree Battle Ave.
A Fine Residence on Peachtree Street
(known as Rhodes Castle)