Ash Pond Four Dam
lat: 33.82167
long: -84.47667
Ash Pond 4 Dam, N.W. Ga. Cobb Co.
Construction was completed in 1974. It's normal surface area is 50 acres. It is owned by Southern Company Services.
It is made of earthen construction, 75 ft. wide, 4500 ft. long. Maximum discharge is 836 cubic ft. per second. It's capacity is 1800 acre ft. Normal storage is 1450 acre ft.
 A lady with a moderately translucent body showed up by Ash Pond Four Dam at midnight staring at the water. When the eye witness came into sight the ghost ran away.
A bloodcurdling skeleton has been seen on numerous instances stacking stones at Ash Pond Four Dam very late at night.
Did You Know?
Over 50 orchid species are found in Georgia, including several lady slippers. Their flowers are prized for their beauty and unique shape.
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