Battle at Moore’s Mill
Location:    Moores Mill Road east of
Peachtree Creek, Atlanta
LATITUDE    33.8264394971
LONGITUDE    -84.4423472245
County:    Fulton
July 19, 1864. Morgan's brigade (Davis division), 14th A.C. was posted on the right of Dilworth's brigade to support his crossing of Peachtree Creek at junction with Green Bone Cr. Morgan faced destructive fire from Confederate forces on the high bluff S. of Moore's Mill & the creek. That night, the 10th Mich. Pickets occupied the mill and destroyed the flume ~ thereby emptying the millpond.
July 20, Mitchell's brigade, W. of Nancy's Cr., having outflanked the Confederates on the bluff, forced its evacuation, which enabled Morgan's brigade to cross the creek at the ford and join the rest of Davis' Division.
GHM 060-65 - Georgia Historical Commission - 1956
Sherman At Atlanta
Issued in 1887, this card is from
Dukes Cigarettes Battle Scenes