Betty Porterfield Memorial Bridge
                        Georgia Legislation
                             A RESOLUTION
    Expressing regret at the passing of the late Betty
    Porterfield; and for other purposes.
    WHEREAS, Betty Porterfield, the former first lady of Smyrna,
    Georgia, passed away in October of 1996, leaving hundreds of
    friends, family, and acquaintances who sorely miss her
    warmth, good humor, and commitment to her community; and
    WHEREAS, Betty was married to former mayor John Porterfield
    and together they worked to make Smyrna a great place to
    live. Betty was very active in the community and worked on a
    variety of civic projects in whatever capacity was needed;
    WHEREAS, Betty was a constant presence whenever hard work or
    encouragement was needed on local issues; and
    WHEREAS, the city of Smyrna and indeed the people of Georgia
    were lucky to have had such a wonderful and committed asset
    as Betty Porterfield working on their behalf. She was truly
    an outstanding Georgian.
    members of this body express their regret at the passing of
    Betty Porterfield and send their deepest sympathy to her
    family and friends and recognize that her memory has been
    honored by the naming by the General Assembly of the bridge
    on State Road 280 at South Cobb Drive and Interstate 285 as
    the "Betty Porterfield Memorial Bridge."
    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is
    authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of
    this resolution to the family of Betty Porterfield.