Bolton Apartments
These apartments built with the cooperation of the
Federal Housing Administration.
This monument and these apartments are dedicated to
those pioneer men and women who established the Village
 of Standing Peachtree near here in 1782, and envisioned
 a great city in our southland. who with their work, toil
and prayers settled Marthasville, later Atlanta, years
 after this settlement was made, and
 to the brave men who fought the Battle of Peachtree Creek
near this spot, fighting for what they knew was right, and
to all those men who have contributed so much of themselves
in building the great city of Atlanta, and
to those generations yet unborn who will view this
monument and live in these apartments, we pray
the blessings of an everlasting and eternal god.
James C. Wise          Algernon Blair, Inc.          Ethleen Howell
Architect                             Builder                        Hugh Howell