Tierson Boutte, co-owner and manager of Boutte Tree, Inc. was born in Manhattan NY and grew up in Washington DC until the age of twelve or so. At that point the family moved to upstate NY where he finished high school in a small mountain town named Keene Valley. A popular ski destination, it became the place where Tierson was to become trained in and finally master snow shoveling.
After two semesters of college and a disastrous internship in a light switch manufacturing facility, he went home for the summer to work in the view pruning business for Sawteeth, a local business owned by Dan Moore. He learned the ropes and when he returned to school he went to work for Smith’s Tree Service located in Austell, GA. There he was introduced to the removal end of the business. After a while, Tierson left and started offering his own services to the residents of downtown Atlanta.
Boutte Tree came into existence shortly thereafter. At first very small, Tierson has seen the company grow little by little. After he graduated in 2002 with a hard-won but now-useless degree in civil engineering, he devoted all of his energies to the business. Shortly thereafter he became certified as an arborist.
Recently, Tierson has been busy working on the RigEm&Roll. 
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Boutte Tree, Inc.
Professional, affordable assistance
with the largest living things
on your property.
With experience and professionalism for every job,
Boutte Tree strives to provide you
with the very best in tree care.
We serve the Atlanta area, and have built a reputation for quality work. We are licensed and insured, and can provide references for hundreds of satisfied customers. Contact us for a free estimate today.
Our interest in trees goes beyond the business. Here at our site you’ll find information about tree work, but also pages and pages about the different tree species native to the south, and their different qualities.
Tierson and Jessa Boutte have lived in Riverside since 2003.
We have watched their family grow, with one beautiful daughter, and another on the way.
The Boutte’s are great neighbors and active in many neighborhood projects.  Tierson has served as the Riverside Neighborhood Association representative to NPU-D.  Jessa has served as the Riverside Neighborhood Association Secretary.  Both continue to serve on the Executive Committee and Planning Committee.  They are active members of Friends of Collins Park and have contributed greatly to the reclamation and clean up of Collins Park.  Boutte Tree employees have provided help too, both on and off the clock.  
Thank you, Boutte’s!
Thank you Boutte Tree!