Through the years many godly and committed men have led our church as pastors. We are so indebted to each of them for their dedication and selfless service as each man brought unique gifts and abilities to help our church follow God’s will. On August 1, 2008 Jim Haskell was called as Lead Pastor of our congregation. He and his wife, Linda, have vast experience in helping revitalize churches. As our community changes with new developments and homes springing up it is our sincere desire for our church to renew and change so that our next century of service is even more effective that the last.
1950 Bolton Road
Atlanta Ga. 30318
The First Baptist Church of Chattahoochee had its beginning in the year 1881, known as Antioch Church. The church then was housed in a small one-room framed structure located in a grove of trees where the fire station presently stands on Main Street. This church disbanded in 1887, and moved to Cox Crossroads which is now the intersection of Moores Mill and Howell Mill Roads. The church was known then as Seven Miles Church as it was seven miles from Atlanta. This attempt at forming a church was thwarted due to the distance that the people in Whittier Mill Village had to travel.
In 1897, Rev. William Tuck Sammons led a group from Seven Miles Church to organize and constitute a new church. This group met under a big oak tree near the Broadbrent house located near Whittier Mill. After hearing a challenging message by the Reverend S. L. Harris, this group completed the removal from Seven Miles Church and they called themselves the New Antioch Baptist Church. The new congregation met in different homes until the building of Chattahoochee School was completed in 1899, when they began meeting on the top floor of the school.
In 1903, the members of New Antioch Baptist Church decided to construct their own place of worship. It was requested of Mr. Harry English of Chattahoochee Brick Company, that he donate land on which the church could be constructed. Mr. English provided the land that the church presently stands on, and the first building to go up was a white frame structure. It was completed and dedicated to the Lord on the first Sunday in May, 1905.
On January 19, 1941, plans were begun to build a larger sanctuary to be located at the front of the white frame building. J. L. Haynie was the architect for the project and his father, A. C. Haynie, was chosen as the builder of what is presently the sanctuary for First Baptist Church of Chattahoochee. Dedication of the new sanctuary was on September 6, 1942, when the cornerstone was laid in the afternoon. At this time the name of the church was changed from New Antioch to the First Baptist Church, Chattahoochee, Georgia and later to First Baptist Church Chattahoochee.