Collins Memorial Methodist Church
 lat: 33.81611
long: - 84.46583
Our Service Roll
Collins Memorial Methodist Church
Bolton, Georgia
Mother's Day
May 9, 1943
On this Mother's Day, 1943, your Church is deeply concerned over your welfare.  We are constantly
thinking of you and are grateful for the heroic sacrifice that you, and millions of others are making
that we might have a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness.  The flag on the wall with a star for
each of you is before us every time we meet, and may we assure you that we count it a privilege to always bear you to a Throne of grace.  Your Church is proud of you and it is our earnest prayer that our Heavenly Father will keep, encourage and strengthen you and in His Providence return you safely to us soon.
Your servant in Christ,
J. C. Callaway, Pastor.
Dear Friend in Service:
We are constantly reminded of how small our part in the war effort is compared with the sacrifices you, in the service, are making. We are thankful that we have such fine boys and girls in our church, and although we miss you our hearts are filled with pride over the splendid job you are doing. We pray the Heavenly Father will protect you and that soon you will be back home again.
Yours very sincerely,
R. D. Webb, Chm. Board of Stewards,
Dear Friend,
It is a joy and privilege to try to convey to you how much we, at home, honor you for your cheerful answer to our Country's call, and our prayers and best wishes follow you in all you undertake, wherever you may be. We are doubly proud of your patriotism and influence which proclaims the worth - whileness of Christianity.
Fannie Mae Webb, (Mrs.R.D.) Pres. W.S.C.S.
Dear Young Friends,
Great rewards are always bought by terrific effort. This effort you are making in each day's achievement
and in each tomorrow's project. Reward will surely come to you, both in a personal way because of that deep inward satisfaction which follows a job well done, and in a general way because of a better civilization which must result. You are doing just what I expected of you- your duty. My warm interest follows you.  My constant prayer to Our Heavenly Father is that He may be with you and may bring you safely home again soon.
"Miss Vera" (Mrs. Homer L. Wilson) Director Christian Education.
[Letter from Chambers of the Judges of the Superior Court of the Atlanta District
to the ones in service from Collins Memorial Church. Virlyn B. Moore, Chm. Board of Trustees]
[Letter from Arthur J. Moore, Bishop in Charge Methodist Ch.GA and FLA]
[Letter from Wallace Rogers, District Superintendent, Atlanta West District]
[Letter, March 11, 1943 from Ellis Arnall, Governor]
                    BOYS IN SERVICE:
Chess Abernathy 1619, Tecnical Training Ser., The J.M. School, Camp Lee, Va.
Corp. George H. Adams H & S Co. 834th Eng. BN A V N, APO 517 New York, N.Y.
T. Mansfield Arnold USS Eagle 27-F 3rd, c/o Fleet P.O., Key West, FL
Sgt James A. Bailey A.S.D. 34084276 Spec. Serv.Sec., 39th Inf.APO 9, c/o Postmaster,New York,NY
Pvt. W.S. Bailey 32 A.D.G., Repair Squadron, Hill Field, Ogden, Utah.
Sgt. Roxie E. Bell 19th WAAC Operations Co., AWS, P.O. Bx 4928, Jacksonville, Fla.
Thomas O Bennett Address Unknown.
[Psalm of Life]
[A Prayer in Wartime for the Missing, by the Reverend Dr. George Stewart]
Our Armor:  Wherefore take up the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and, having done all, to stand......
Ray C. Dickey Aviation Cadet, Naval Air Station-Bldg.7, Dallas Texas.
P.F.C.C.C. Donald, U.S.M.C.-Unit 250, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, Cal.
P.F.C. James E. Eades A.S.N. 14119570, Co.A - 825th Eng. BN.AVN, APO#517,US Army, c/o Postmaster, New York City.
Pvt. John H. Eades U.S.M.C. Service Squadron 32, Barracks A-3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, F.M.F.,  Cherry Point, N.C.
Corp. W. J. Eades Finance Office 111 Corps, APO #303, Ft. McPherson, Georgia
Corp. Virgil L. Faith 908 Squadron G.A.F.S.,  Greenville, Miss.
Ellis Fowler Address Unknown.
Pvt. Alfred C. Bradley Co.B 2nd C.W.S.-T.M.G.-R.E.G.,  Camp Sibert, Alabama
Margaret Brown Norfolk, Va.
Paul Anderson Brown Siignal Corps, Polk Field, Mo.
Pvt James E. Callahan  A.S.N. 14137493 Battery F 251 C A (AA), APO 913 c/opm, San Francisco,Cal
John Callahan Address Unknown.
Capt. James Cantey  2345 McDowell St., Augusta, Georgia
Max Carroll 1307 Division St., Key West, Fla.
Corp. Jewel P. Clark Supply Det. Sec. 1, Q.M. Sub. Ser. Sta. 4th S.C., Camp Blanding, Fla.
Corp. W. H. Clark 6929023 Co. L, 32nd Inf., Camp Rucker, Ala.
C.M. Dickson B. M., 1st Class U.S.S. Humboldt, c/o Fleet Post Office, New York, N.Y.
P.F.C. Herbert W. Gary 856 Signal Service Co., Army Air Base, Cortland, Ala.
William Jesse Gary, Jr. Fort Benning, Georgia
Henry B. Gorman, Jr. Norfolk Navy Hospital, Staff Rm 35, Portsmouth, Va.
Lt. W.R. Haines 303rd Bombardment Sq., Drew Field, Tampa, Fla.
Stephen Bruce Heyback, Mach. M/2nd C. Fleet P.O., c/o USS Talamanca, San Francisco, Cal.
B.H. Hudgins, F 2/C Patrol Wings - HDQ Squadron, U.S. Naval Station, Quonset Point, R.I.
L. P. Hudgins USS Lakehurst, c/o PM, New York City.
Edmond C. Hughes, Capt. Inf. O-353558, Public Relations G.H.Q. 5 W.P.A., APO 500,
 c/o pm,San Francisco.
Charles H.  Ireland, 1st Class Seaman USS Singaman 2nd Division, c/o pm, Morgan St.Annex,
New York, N.Y.
Pvt Elbert E. Irelan 1059 M.P. Co. (AVN ), Robinsfield Warner Robins, Georgia.
Rev. Chrles C. Lovin
Sgt Jack McClain 1st Depot G.P., APO 1825, c/o pm, New Orleans, La.
Frank Merritt Address Unknown.
Major Charles H. Mitchell 124 Superior Ave., Decatur, Georgia
Dr. W.E. Mitchell, M C. USNR U.S. Thomas Stone, c/o pm, New York, N.Y.
Lt James P. Moore Box 448, Grenda, Miss.
Ensign Robert D. Moore USN-A.T.B. Solomon Branch, Washington, D.C.
Capt. John Virgil Moore, Ord. Dept. Post Ordnance Officer, Camp Livingston, La.
Hugh E. Oldham, Seaman First Class D-5 Navy 8185 Fleet P.O., San Francisco, Cal.
Robert Pittard 1560 Service Unit Headquarters Section, Camp Atterbury, Ind.
Pvt. Raymond H. Seagraves Army General Hospital, Forrest Hill, Augusta, Georgia.
Horace M. Sewell  A/5 Co. 84 USN Training Stration, San Diego, Cal.
Candidate Dalton Shields,  Qg-14-C, Wing 1, A-A-F, O.C.S., Miami Beach, Fla.
Pvt Lofton H. Smith - 34680503     306 T. SS Flight A, Kessler Field, Miss.
S. Sgt George W. Smith  Co 1   300 Inf, Fort Benning, Georgia.
Paul Smith  Med. Detach. Lawson General Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia.
T/SGT Albert B. Sprouse 14056550 H.Q. 320th Bomb. Group, c/o pm, APO 520, New York, N.Y.
Henry Thomas Address Unknown.
Sydney Tolbert  3618 McCandless, Bldg., San Diego, Cal.
[at the end of the above line is: Chief Petty Officer. I can't tell if it should be at the beginning of the next line or not]
Robert A. Walker, W.O. 9th Hospital Center, Camp Rucker, Ala.
R.E. Walker, Jr. U.S. Receiving Station, Sargo, Boston, Mass.
Pvt. W. M. Walker, A S N 34351469 - Co. C. 727 Ry Opr. B N T C, APO 600, c/o pm, New York, NY.
Thomas Jeff Warren 8th Battalion, Co. A 2nd Platoon, Camp Wheeler, Georgia
Corp. William Howard Warren, A S N 34084087- Anti-Tank Co., 147th Inf. San Francisco, Cal.
R. D. Webb, Jr., Ph. M. 1st Class Dental Dispensary, Parris Island, S.C.
Lt. E. J. Wooten 2nd St. Ord. Dept. APo 4015, c/o pm, New York, N.Y.
Sgt H.F. Wooten 954 Dill Ave., Atlanta, Georgia
Officers Candidate W. D. Wooten Co. K Ordinance Officers Candidate School,
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.
[This booklet was given to us by Bill Adams, Adams
Hardware, Atlanta, Ga. We know no one listed nor does
Bill. It was in his mother's things.
South Window facing Bolton Road
History of the Collins Memorial United Methodist Church  
    * Our church is the oldest church in Atlanta dating back to 1821.
    * On January 8, 1921, the Creek Indians ceded their land south
of their village, The standing Peach Tree, between the Flint and
the Ocmulgee River all the way down to about Cordele, Georgia.
The Standing Peach Tree later became known as Bolton and was
located where Peachtree Creek runs into the Chattahoochee River
at the location of the Atlanta Water Works.
    * The first citizen to come into this territory, which at that time
was DeKalb County, was James Montgomery. He came from
Jackson County and Jefferson, Georgia. He built the first house
in Atlanta on the site where the shopping mall is at the intersections
of Bolton Road and Moores Mill Road. Mr. Montgomery has 13
children who comprised the congregation of the little church which
he established. He started the ferry across the river known as                    
Montgomery's Ferry, later DeFoors Ferry. He was the Senator
from DeKalb county and died in 1848. His wife was named Nancy Farber  (Nancy's Creek). She was a Methodist, and he was a Presbyterian.
West Window
    * The first church was built in Crest Lawn Cemetery at the top of the hill.
It served traffic coming in from Decatur and the Atlanta area and was near
a little tavern. Traffic was going towards the river crossing at Montgomery's
Ferry. The little chapel which became Collins Memorial Church was known
as Montgomery's Chapel.
    * Right after the Civil War - around 1870 - the people around Montgomery's Chapel moved the location to Inman Yards, which is about two miles away and which was developing as a railroad terminal and the name was changed to Mt. Vernon Methodist Church. This church served all of the people within a two or three mile radius. The farmers drove their wagons to the church, and it was the leading church for this area. Many of the families who later moved to Collins Memorial were early members of that church.
    * Through the gift of one of the members, the small one room church was
converted to a magnificent brick building which served as the church building
for many years. About the turn of the century, 1900, the W & A Railroad had
been moved down the river and established a railroad stop where Bolton
Road crosses the Marietta Highway. A great many people had begun to move into this area. Riverside had been established as had the Whittier Mills and Chattahoochee. With this influx of people, a school house, which served as both school and Sunday School building, was constructed just behind the                          
present Bolton Lodge brick building.
East Window
    * It was during this period that the Collins family moved out to Bolton.
James D. Collins was clerk of the Superior Court and was quite wealthy.
He was the son of James A. Collins after whom Collins District in Cobb
County and in Fulton County is named. James A. Collins's brother-in-law
was John Bolton. The railroad station was named Bolton. Mr. James A.
Collins and his brother-in-law, Lloyd, moved their store that they conducted
on the Cobb County side of the river to Atlanta and became two of the first
merchants in the new city of Atlanta. Lloyd Street, Which later become
Central Avenue, was named for Lloyd, and Courtland Avenue was originally
Collins Street.
    * James D. Collins had died and his widow moved to Bolton to their
magnificent country house which is located on Bolton Road just east of the
present church building which is located at 2220 Bolton Road. Feeling the
need of a church in this locations, the people built a church building and
named it after James A. Collins because his daughter-in-law had contributed
$8,000, plus the land for the construction of the church.
    * It was known as the 'Church of the Five Widows' who joined with Mrs.
Collins in helping get the church started. The five widows were:                                            
    * Mrs. James D. Collins, widow of James D. Collins
      Mrs. J. M. Moore, widow of James Moore
      Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher, widow of Dr. Fisher
      Mrs. J.H. Spinks, widow of J.H. Spinks
      Mrs. Susan McGuirk, Widow of William McGuirk
    * For a short time, the congregation met in Mrs. Collins' barn. On October
1908, the church was organized with 29 charter members. The Cornerstone
was laid on March 23, 1908, and the church was dedicated October 16, 1909.
    * Our first preacher was Benjamin Graham. The third preacher was Mrs.
Collins' father, William A. Clarke.
    * We have had serving this church since 1908 thirty-one preachers until our
present pastor Randy Walworth and his wife Jennifer. They have been serving
the church since 2003.
    * Our church has remained steadfast through the rise and fall of the
economy, through the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the
subsequent wars, through increases in the population and the final annexation
of this area by the city of Atlanta.
    * We have survived times of prosperity and through the awful depression
that struck this nation. During the time of our existence, we have had a thriving
community which drew children of all ages, with a grammar school (Bolton
School, the oldest grammar school in Atlanta), and high school which was
first Fulton High School and later West Fulton High School.
    * During 1923 or 1924, our church had its highest enrollment of approximately 500 members. In the past few years, because of the erosion of our community, it has dropped to the present membership enrollment of approximately 100 members. Also during our existence, we have supported all of the church organizations including Sunday School departments, from kindergarten through the old people's Bible school. We have had as many as 6 or 8 individual Sunday School classes.
    * Our Chapel is certainly one of the most beautiful in all of the city of Atlanta. It features beautiful windows which support some 500 tongues of flame representing the spirit of Jesus Christ, three major windows showing Christ knocking at the door, Christ the gentle Shepherd, and an angel pointing to an empty tomb at Easter time. The windows were installed when the building was constructed in 1909.  
April 4, 1909                                                    
Collins Memorial Church to have handsome  Building
2220 Bolton Road
Atlanta Ga. 30318