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 In 1975, the honeybee was named the official state insect. The honeybee has a highly specialized labor force, an elaborate social structure, an astounding communications system and a well-fed population. It is a member of the great insect family Apoidea, which includes 20,000 species; among them bumblebees and carpenter bees. The honeybee makes an important contribution to Georgia's economy through its production of honey and aids agriculture by cross-pollinating over 50 of our state's crops. Vidalia Onion

Grown properly only in a small pocket of south Georgia, the Vidalia onion matures into unsurpassed sweetness in the spring. In one of nature's most delicious mysteries, the granex seed, which produces a hot onion elsewhere, grows into an onion one "can eat like an apple" in the fields around Vidalia and Glennville. The bill designating the Vidalia onion as the official state vegetable was enacted by the General Assembly in 1990.
Saturday Evening Post June 25, 1960
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