Edmund C. Hughes
From humble beginnings to an impressive array of successes encompassing 87 years of vibrant living, LIVING by the Seat of My Pants! tells the story of the author's advance from a small town newspaperman to the staff of General Douglas MacArthur during World War II.
The life and times of the Bolton, Georgia native while growing up in the midst of the Great Depression and surviving to achieve ultimate success under sometimes adverse circumstances are chronicled.
The author traces his career, following graduation from the University of Georgia journalism school, starting as managing editor of the Cobb County Times in Marietta, through his distinguished army service in the Pacific, his post-war return to civilian life in Marietta, and finally his move to Atlanta to engage in the big-time printing business.
As a public relations officer and military censor on General MacArthur's staff for three and a half years, Hughes worked closely with war correspondents representing all the major news media of the world. The writing reflects the author's ability as a young PR officer to maintain friendly relations with the war correspondents while killing outright, or slashing to the hilt, their hard-won copy when necessary.
His writing makes World War II history, interwoven with his personal experiences, more palatable.
By far, the author's most vivid memory stems from witnessing the Japanese surrender ceremony aboard the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2nd, 1945.
Arriving in Australia on June 4, he was assigned shortly thereafter to the staff of General Douglas MacArthur as a public relations officer. He served in that capacity for almost three and a half years ‹ from Melbourne to Tokyo ‹ and was awarded the Bronze Star decoration in 1945 for "meritorious achievement in connection with military operations against the enemy in the Southwest Pacific Area from 5 July 1942 to 17 May 1945."
On September 2, 1945, Hughes witnessed the Japanese surrender ceremony aboard the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay.
Hughes left active service in October 1945 and entered the retired reserve with the rank of lieutenant colonel.
Following the war, he returned to Marietta and rejoined his pre-war employer, then as general manager of both the Cobb County Times and the publishing firm, Brumby Press. In that capacity, he directed the editorial policy of the newspaper and wrote a widely-read personal column each week. He held this position for five years before moving to Atlanta to join a leading printing establishment, Higgins-McArthur Company. Here he held several managerial posts before becoming executive vicepresident in 1956 and acquiring part ownership of the firm.
Throughout this time, he attained many positions of leadership in both the printing industry and newspaper field, as well as in civic and charitable organizations.
He continued as a printing company executive during a series of mergers and acquisitions stemming from the original company. He retired in 1991.
Since retirement Hughes has engaged in compiling and editing books, mostly for friends and associates who have written their memoirs.
In Feb. of 2009,
Edmund Hughes celebrated his 94th birthday.
Mr. Hughes.
About the Author
A 1937 journalism graduate of the University of Georgia, Edmund C. Hughes entered the newspaper field that same year as managing editor of a weekly, the Cobb County Times, in Marietta, Georgia. In 1938, that newspaper received national recognition, winning an unprecedented four first-place awards in competition sponsored by the National Editorial Association, including one for general excellence.
Through ROTC at Georgia, Hughes obtained a commission as a reserve second lieutenant and three years later was promoted to first lieutenant, just prior to being called to active duty on April 1, 1941. After serving for one year as a classification officer at the Reception Center at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, he was ordered to overseas duty on May 11, 1942.
Ed Hughes at his book launch.
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