FULTON, Fulton County. Now a section of Atlanta
called BOLTON (q.v.), this early community was 
formerly called Fulton after the county name. 
FULTON COUNTY. Created December 20, 1853 
with 523 square miles taken from part of DeKalb 
County. The name of "Fulton" was accepted for 
the name of the new county after being proposed 
by Senator John Collier of DeKalb County on 
December 7, 1853. It has been assumed by most 
historians that it was intended to be in honor of 
Robert Fulton (1765-1815) of Pennsylvania, who 
had gained notoriety with his steamboat Clermont 
in 1807. Franklin Garrett adds that "the weight of 
the evidence is that Dr. Needom L. Angier who 
came from New Hampshire had Robert Fulton in 
mind when he chose the name for this county." 
There have also been those who believe Georgia 
had no reason to honor Robert Fulton, in view of 
the fact that inventor William Longstreet of Augusta 
operated a steam powered vessel on the Savannah 
River in November 1808. It was then contended 
that the county was actually named after Hamilton 
Fulton, a noted English civil engineer, who was 
born and educated in Scotland, and who proposed 
and surveyed a railroad through what is now Fulton 
County. He was at that time the chief engineer of 
the state. The county seat is Atlanta (q.v.). 
 Dec. 22,
Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills
ad Dec. 22, 1919
Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills - Letterhead 1909
Capitol City Club 1908
Fulton County has a total of
535 sq. miles, of which
 529 sq. miles is land and
6 sq. miles is water.
Fulton High School
Patch 1934
Beautiful View of Lobby Kimball House
The New Kimball House
The H.I. Kimball House, Atlanta Ga.
Crittenden & Co. - Managers
Griffith Thomas - Architect N.Y.
W.H. Parkins - Res. Arch’t. Atlanta Ga.
Front on Pryor Street 710 feet
Front on Railroad Street 163 feet
Front on Decatur Street 163 feet
317 Rooms, exclusive of Stores and Offices
Lot purchased by Mr. Kimball
March 26th, 1870
Ground Broken-- March 28th, 1870
Opened -- October 17th 1870
Kimball House 1905
The Kimball House
The original Kimball House was burned in 1885, and the present structure, covering almost an entire block, completed in 1891. The hotel, seven stories high, is the political headquarters of Georgia, is first   class and modern in every respect, and contains 440 rooms. Ex- President Cleveland was entertained here in 1887, and many other distinguished guests have honored the hotel with their presence.
Below - The Kimball House 1907
Kimball House on Peachtree Street
West Fulton
High School
1890 Donald Lee Hollowell Blvd.
Atlanta 30318

Fulton County 1881
Population: w 26,253, c, 19,873
Wm. Lowndes Calhoun, ordinary
Cicero H. Strong, clerk
A.M. Perkerson, sheriff
J.O. Harris, tax receiver
W.W. Clayton, tax collector
C.M. Payne, treasurer
B.F. Walker, surveyor
F.A. Hillburn, coroner
Post offices: Adamsville, Atlanta (c.h.), Ben Hill, Boltonville, East Point, Edwardsville, Hapeville, Howell’s Mills
1903 - This group is on the way to a picnic at Bull Sluice which was located about six miles below Roswell on the Chattahoochee River, Fulton County.
Bull Sluice later became known as Morgan Falls.