Hills Park
(DEC) lat: 33.8051054
(DEC) long: -84.4343731
elev. 823 ft.
(DMS) lat: 334818N
(DMS) long: 0842604W
1755 Annie St.
        In 1905, the Louisville and Nashville Railroad was joined to the Western and Atlantic Railroad by a belt line, which ran through the Hill Park Yards. A small town grew up just north of the Hill Park Yards to house the workers. It was called Ellen (L & N), but later adopted the name Hills Park.
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Death Certificate
Mamie Willis Gardner
44 years 9 months 24 days
6/9/1881 - 4/3/1926
Father - B. F. Willis
Mother- Mamie Willis
Spouse - R. Z. Gardner
Caucasian Female
Certificate # 9206
Death Certificate
Father - C. B. Irvin
Mother - Lena Campbell
Caucasian Female
Certificate # 19306
Death Certificate
Birdie Ewing Landers
44 years
1881 - 9/6/1925
Father - Mort Ewing
Mother - Birdie Ewing
Spouse - J. T. Landers
Caucasian Female
Certificate # 24877