Hollywood Cemetery
(DEC) lat: 33.7926059
(DEC) long: -84.4663188
elev. 827 ft.
(DMS) lat: 334733N
(DMS) long: 0842759W
 Nov. 8, 1890
Its officers are President, Thomas Moore; treasurer, C.J. Simmons; secretary, W. Asbury Baker; directors, John W. Nelms,  John Colvin, R.S. Wynn, H.D. Smith and J.T. Greene. Messers Moore, Simmons and Baker are the projectors of the enterprise, and these three gentlemen are arranging to build a railroad from Atlanta to the cemetery, from there to the Chattahoochee River and back to Atlanta.
The company is surveying and platting burial lots and “The Hollywood,” will be ready to receive interments by December 1st next.
It is useless to refer to the business qualifications of Messers, Moore, Baker and Simmons, as they are known to be successful financiers. Dr. Baker is comparatively a stranger in Atlanta. He came from Charleston S.C., and is the son in law of ex governor A.G. Magrath, and a gentleman of brains and splendid business qualifications. We bespeak success for the enterprise. Their office is 1 1/2 North Broad Street.
March 26, 1893
Lots a Hollywood Cemetery a Good Investment - A Most Beautiful Landscape
Where Atlanta’s Rising Generations Will Be Laid Away to Rest from Their Labors
Dr. W.A. Baker, the genial owner of Hollywood Cemetery, now wears a very sunny smile.
The fact is attributed to the big sale of lots at Hollywood which is going on from day to day. Hollywood is not a cemetery, however, which the doctor has plotted for the exclusive use of his own patients. Before going into the cemetery business he retired from the practice of medicine sometime before, in fact. But whether experience taught him to depend on the fraternity for Hollywood’s population is a question which the doctor might not evade. At any rate he has selected one of the most beautiful locations for a burial ground in all Georgia, and as healthy as Atlanta is it is rapidly filling.
Hollywood is situated just four and three quarter miles from the carshed on a high eminence and the landscape is one which seems designed by nature for the sacred use to which it is devoted.
Dr. Baker has expended a large amount of money in beautifying the property and the eye is greeted on all sides by handsome drives, ornamental shrubbery and winding walks.
Nestled among these are the burial lots, spacious and well appointed. Struck by the beauty of Hollywood a number of Atlanta’s wealthiest citizens have purchased lots with a view of making the cemetery their family burial ground. Being so easy of access from Atlanta it is no wonder that Hollywood should commend itself to the Chattahoochee River, over which a car runs in each direction every half hour, and the owner of Hollywood has arrangements with the electric car company by which corpses and funeral parties may be transported to the cemetery at a remarkably low price. In fact a similar arrangement has been effected with all connecting lines. This, therefore, reduces one of the greatest items of expense connected with burials. It was with this aim in view that the property owed by Dr. Baker was converted into a cemetery. It was a long felt want in Atlanta and the way in which lots are being purchased is a flattering tribute to Dr, Baker’s thoughtfulness.
A burial lot at Hollywood is within the reach of any citizen of Atlanta, and they are being bought by scores of people, not only for private use, but as a speculative investment. The lots ranging in price from $12.50 to $25., and after the first cash payment of $1.50, the balance can be paid in installments of $1. per month. When it is remembered that burial lots in other cemeteries cost from $200. to $500. each the inducements of Hollywood will be readily understood. This has induced many people to buy lots as an investment. By an act of the legislature on cemetery in the future can be located nearer Atlanta than four miles, hence those who buy lots at Hollywood need fear no competition. The section in which this cemetery is located is being rapidly built up and property all around is steadily increasing in value. This, of course, will bring Hollywood to the front as a popular burial ground.
Those who have not purchased should call on Dr. Baker in room No. 13, of the Old Capitol building. He has a plot of the cemetery from which a perfect idea of location may be obtained.
L.H. Pattillo
Hollywood Cemetery is owned by Lincoln Cemetery, located at 2275 Simpson Rd. NW Atlanta Ga. 30314. Phone number - 404-792-2220