Feb. 4, 1902
                                                        1911 Sanborn Fire Map -- Iceville              
               April 30, 1878
 The boys high school of this city  held annual picnic at Iceville yesterday.
They left by the morning passenger train on the W.&A. Railroad.
March 26, 1889
Solicitor Frank O’Bryan has closed a contract for a magnificent ten dollar country home to be built overlooking the Chattahoochee River on a beautiful piece of land provided by Mr. Charlie Howell near Goat Island, above Iceville. Messirs, O’Bryan and Frank Arnold spent several days out there, and later will have full partnership in the new house. They report fishing splendid and mud turtles plentiful.
               A Lofty Tumble
            Shad in Ga. Waters
Elisha H. Lindley was killed in 1876 in a wreck on the W&A RR at Iceville.