lat. 334915N
long. 0842747W
elev. 827 ft.
A Georgia Lullaby
by Stuart Pigott
1899 Sheet Music
Gopher Tortoise

Designated the state reptile in 1989, the gopher tortoise is one of the oldest living species native to Georgia. The gopher tortoise belongs to a group of land tortoises that originated in North America 60 million years ago.
This tortoise digs burrows up to 40 feet wide and 10 feet deep providing year-round shelter from predators and inclement weather for more than three dozen other animal species.
The gopher tortoise population is in decline and recent studies indicate that by the year 2000 it may not exist outside of protected areas. Peanut

The General Assembly selected the peanut to be the official state crop in 1995. Georgia produces nearly 50 percent of the total United States peanut crop and more than 50 percent of peanuts used in the production of peanut butter. Georgia leads the nation in peanut exports.
Do you know anything about Magnolia?
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from being forgotten.
Magnolia was a train stop and was located on Marietta Road north of Bolton Road, across the street from the water plant.