Magnolia Cemetery
  (DEC) lat: 33.7962169
(DEC) long: -84.4677078
elev. 771 ft.
(DMS) lat: 334746N
(DMS) long: 0842804W Shark Tooth

In 1976, the shark tooth was designated the official state fossil. Probably one of the most sought-after fossils by amateur collectors, the shark tooth is a relatively common fossil in the Georgia coastal plain. In fossil form, the shark tooth can be traced back 375,000,000 years. Fossilized shark teeth are found in a range of colors--from the more common blacks and grays to whites, browns, blues and reddish browns. Peach

Georgia grown peaches are recognized for their superior flavor, texture, appearance and nutritious qualities that promote a healthy, balanced diet. Georgia is known as the "Peach State" because of the growers' reputation for producing the highest quality fruit. The peach became the official state fruit in 1995. Live Oak

Joint Resolution of the Georgia General Assembly
Feb. 25, 1937

No. 14.

A Resolution.

Whereas in many of the States of the Union some tree indigenous to the soil of the State has been chosen as an emblem of its sovereignty; and

Whereas hitherto the General Assembly of Georgia has made no such selection; and

Whereas the live-oak, being a tree indigenous to the soil of our State and especially flourishing along the Coastal plains and islands thereof where the first settlers and founders of this State resided, and which tree is so closely associated with our early history, and particularly with the lives of many famous Georgians such as General James Edward Oglethorpe, John Wesley and Sidney Lanier;

Be it therefore resolved by the House of Representatives of Georgia, the Senate concurring, that, at the suggestion and request of Edmund Burke Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, the live-oak be and the same is hereby adopted as and declared to be the official tree emblematic of the State of Georgia.

Magnolia Cemetery is owned by Lincoln Cemetery which is located at 2275 Simpson Rd. NW Atlanta Ga. 30314. Phone # 404-792-2220. Magnolia Cemetery is located on Hollywood Rd. next to Hollywood Cemetery.