Mayson’s Church and Cemetery
Mayson's Methodist Episcopal Church, South was organized around 1860.  It was originally a branch of Bethlehem Methodist Episcopal Church, South, which is known to have been inactive by 1923.  Church property was donated by James L. Mayson, a local plantation owner.  The first building was destroyed during the Civil War and a second building was erected some time after 1871.  The congregation was notable for its racial diversity before the Civil War.
Mayson Methodist Church was located at 3285 Bankhead Highway and the parsonage at 1380 Bolton Road in Atlanta, Georgia in the Atlanta-Marietta District of the North Georgia Conference.  Little is known about the church from 1923 until 1960, when membership was steadily declining.  On November 11, 1963 members voted to close Mayson Methodist Church.  The church property was sold, with proceeds going to fund new building projects in the Atlanta-Marietta District.
Mayson cemetery is located at the corner of Bolton Rd. and Bankhead Hwy. at the site of the old Mayson M.E. Church, which was closed in the 1960's. It is right down the road from what used to be known as Chatahoochee, near Whittier Mill Village. There are around 100 graves there, notably the Knight family. Many of those interred were employees, etc.. of the Whittier Mill.
Mayson Cemetery is in bad disrepair. It is badly grown over and has been terribly vandalized. There is a group that has been trying to preserve this cemetery.
Adjacent to Mayson Cemetery is English Park. It is located at 1350 Bolton Road Atlanta 30331 and is included in NPU - G. The park is 9.5 acres and does have a recreation center and ball fields.
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