Moore’s Mill

                                      Location:    Moore's Mill Rd east of Peachtree Creek, Atlanta
                                                          LATITUDE    33.8264370077
                                                        LONGITUDE    -84.4423850847
                                                                   County:    Fulton                                                                      
300 yds downstream stood the structures of
Moore’s Mill ~ a sash-sawmill &, lower down,
a gristmill connected by a flume with a dam
which impounded the waters of Peachtree
and Woodall creeks: the ford was below the
dam. Thomas Moore (1828-1914) built the mills,
1854. Burned during a political upheaval
about 1858; rebuilt & were in operation until
1901. With the advent of the Federal army,
1864, the Moore family refugeed south. B.F.
 Mauldin was left in charge of the gristmill
which was supplying the Confederate forces;
the invaders sent him N. ~ a prisoner. The
 property was considerably damaged but not destroyed.
GHM 060-64 - Georgia Historical Commission - 1956