Bud Mote
About Bud Mote
My Dad, Bud Mote was born August 15, 1920 in Atlanta Georgia. He made a fiddle at age 16, which I have on my wall, and one of his first jobs playing music, was with Bill Gatin’s Jug Band. They played on the Crossroad Follies, WSB barn dance, and on the Louisiana Hay Ride, among many other show dates at theaters and school houses all over the southeast. He and my uncle Paul Bennett, later worked as a duet, know as Bud and Paul. That’s how he meet my mother Opal Bennett. Opal was Paul’s sister, whom he married. They had radio programs on WSB, WGST, WEAS and other radio stations around Georgia. The first time I saw a TV when I was about five, Dad and Paul was doing a show on WSB. They were very talented and very popular in the southeast. Dad sang very well, and one of the best fiddlers I ever heard. The faster a break down was played the better he fiddled. He also played guitar, dog house bass, piano, mandolin, banjo and about anything he took a mind to. Needless to say, he was the inspiration for me to start at an early age playing music and making good money in his band. But Dad was not only talented in music; he was the best welder that ever lived. There was nothing he couldn’t do with a welding machine and a torch. He loved hard work, and could build anything, including his first house in Atlanta in the late forties, being a good carpenter also.
Dad and Paul was offered a job on the Grand Ole Opry, since they new Lou Childers and many others on the Opry very well, and Lou had made arrangements for them to come to Nashville and work, but they decided not to go. Dad and Paul were inducted into the Atlanta Music Hall of Fame in the late eighties and I could go on and on, but I’d rather you hear it straight from Dad. Wayne Daniel, author of “Pickin’ on Peachtree” a book about the history of country music in Atlanta, Georgia which Dad and Paul were included, did an interesting interview on tape with Dad on November 11, 1979. You can hear my mother, Opal, talking in the background as Dad was talking about his experiences playing music. This interview is now at the Georgia State University Library. We have added these Interviews to this web site. I know if you love the history of country music, you will really enjoy these recordings. Don’t miss it.
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Bud Mote
Track 1
Bud Mote Interview
 By Wayne Daniel
Nov. 11, 1979        
Bud joins Bill Gatin’s Jug Band- Paul Bennett-Ed Elkins- Leroy Clopton-Bennie Ferrell-Bobby Atchison
Track 2
Cowboy Copus records Paul’s songs, “Almost Home” and “I Touched The Hem of His Garment”
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