Mrs. L. E. Chafin Property  -- 1927
                                                From Plat Book 1, Page 55, Fulton County Records
                                                                       Recorded January 7, 1879
                                                  "Map of  The Thompson Estate, Fulton County GA"
Tract to the west labeled "J. W. Spink  111.11 acres"
Tract No 1. labeled "Brush Land  171 acres" includes Land Lots 254 and 253
Tract No 2. labeled "Collins  91 acres"
Tract No 3. labeled "Ice Factory  16 acres"
Tract No 4. labeled "Brick Yard  52 acres Collins"
Other Collins tract labeled 42 acres south of road, between Thompson and W&A RR
Western and Atlantic Railroad
Current Day Bolton Road labeled Peachtree Road
"Depot" labeled at NE corner of W&A RR and Peachtree Road
Another structure labeled at SW corner, cannot make out writing, possibly "____DEN"
Thompson Estate, later Spink Estate shown at curve in Road, labeled 98.2 acres, Land Lot 252
Whetstone Creek
Current Southern RR labeled G.W.R.R.
J.W. Spink married Thompson's daughter Elizabeth.  The estates were combined and became known as the Spink Estate.
Thomas Sherman Hudlow -- Jan. 1, 1862 -- Aug. 27, 1929
Current day SE corner of Bolton Rd. and Jackson Parkway
T. S. Hudlow Estate  June 14, 1930
W. L. Pair -- died Feb. 21, 1917
Mrs. W. L. Pair Property  -- Dec.1, 1937