Spink Facts
James W. Spink
-- June 4, 1836 - Nov. 18, 1906
    at 71 yrs. old, died at home in chair
-- born in Hardin Kentucky
-- buried in Hollywood Cemetery
--wife - Elizabeth S. Thompson
--April 15, 1848 - July 12, 1910
-- father - Obadiah Thompson left
  “Riverside” land to her
--buried Hollywood Cemetery
-- oldest son - Forrest B. Spink
-- Austell
-- ???? - June 2, 1928    
-- son - Paul W. Spink
-- Jan. 8, 1876 - Nov. 23, 1907 -
   died of Typhoid Fever
-- buried at Hollywood Cemetery
-- Superintendent, Transportation Club
-- Kimball Hotel
-- with Scoville bros,  Aragon Hotel
-- Hillman Hotel Birmingham
-- Texas
-- Piedmont Hotel
-- son - Paul W. Spink Jr.?????
-- son - Claude R. Spink
-- Claymouth Oregon
son - H.C. Spink
  Yalnax Oregon
-- son - William C. Spink
-- lived with James W.
Map of Part of the Spink’s Property
in Land Lot 252 Fulton Co. Ga.
This one is a little later than the 1892 plat, but has no date.
Note Lloyd has 2 'L's
Note Spink Avenue
Note River Road
Note Chattahoochee Avenue and
Georgia Ry & Electric Co.
Names on Plat:
Dr. Green
Harry Bird
Hal Gunn (Genn?) (Gann?)
Tom Hooper
J. R. Weaver
J. B. Summerlin
J. W. Spink Property at Riverside
on the Chattahoochee River
Fulton Co. Ga. June 8, 1892
Florence Holt Spink --
born - April 7, 1879
died - June 23, 1931
buried Hollywood Cemetery
Sept.19, 1908
Luncheon at Riverside
Mrs. E.S. Spink, of Riverside, entertained at luncheon yesterday, the occasion a pretty and enjoyable one. The table was handsomely appointed and was decorated with the early autumn flowers, and the menu was an elegant one.
Mrs. Spink’s guests were, Mrs. M.B.Moore, Mrs. Susan McGuirk, Mrs. Wlizabeth Fisher, Mrs. Julia Collins, Mrs. W.A. Green, Mrs. Maria A. Mozley and Mrs. James D. Collins.