50-3-60 The song "Georgia on My Mind" with lyrics by 
Mr. Stuart Gorrell and music by Mr. Hoagy Carmichael 
is designated as the official song of the State of Georgia.

    Georgia on My Mind

    Melodies bring memories
    That linger in my heart
    Make me think of Georgia
    Why did we ever part?
    Some sweet day when blossoms fall
    And all the world's a song
    I'll go back to Georgia
    'Cause that's where I belong.
    Georgia, Georgia, the whole day through
    Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind.
    Georgia, Georgia, a song of you
    Comes as sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines.
    Other arms reach out to me
    Other eyes smile tenderly
    Still in peaceful dreams I see
    The road leads back to you.
    Georgia, Georgia, no peace I find
    Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind. Telephone
Dial Tone
Busy Signal
The "Belmont" Office
Around 1922, the new Belmont office was opened on the Northwest side. This office may have originally been the Atlanta Telephone Company's Chattahoochee office. This was the last manual office to be built. The age of dial service was about to begin.

The Belmont Office Conversion
The Belmont office was converted to dial service in 1947. It appears that private line customers' numbers did not change. Party line customers would have had their last 4 digits changed.
Hollywood Drive
2071 Hollywood Drive, Northwest
In 1922, the office was opened as a manual common battery switchboard. The building was not at the present day address but a few blocks away. The office name was "Belmont".
In 1947, a new building was constructed at the present location to house Step-by-Step equipment. On October 12, the customers were switched to the new office.
In 1955, during the city-wide conversion to 7-digit dialing, the office was renamed "SYcamore-4". This change was particularly problematic because people did not know how to spell Sycamore and flooded the operators with requests for assistance.
In 1960, the name was dropped and the code became 794.
The 799 code was added in 1963 and 792 in 1966.
In 1973, a No. 1A ESS machine was installed and took over the 792 code.
Around 1980, the rest of the step-by-step equipment was retired and customers were transferred to the ESS machine.
In May, 2002, the 1A-ESS equipment remains in service.
Telephone Operators
Southern Bell Telephone Office
Atlanta Ga. 1905