Chattahoochee Riverway Project
In 1997, the American Society of Landscape Architects held their semi-annual meeting in Atlanta.  Every other year, when this meeting is held, the Society “gives back” to the city in which they hold their meeting by collaborating with local stakeholders to produce a pro-bono vision project.  The Chattahoochee Riverway project is a fantastic example of planning and landscape architecture visioning that united the Atlanta Urban Resources Partnership with Landscape Architects from around the country to create examples of how five specific sites along the heavily industrialized Chattahoochee River corridor could be redeveloped for public use.  One of the five sites has actually come to fruition, the Whittier Mill Village Park.  This park would probably have come to fruition by the sheer will of the neighborhood even without this presentation tool, and was developed with a different site plan, but there is no question that this planning effort contributed to the transformation of the former industrial property that was actively for sale being acquired by the Trust For Public Land and transferred to the City of Atlanta Parks Department.  The original presentation CD includes the web pages that are linked below.  Once there you must go back to the home page to link back to  Atlanta’s Upper West Side.