The McDonald family came to this area in 1867. Lorenzo and his wife Weltha, came in a covered wagon, with nine sons. They settled on what is now Ridgewood Road, then called “Old Rolander Road”, between W. Wesley and Bolton Road.
D.L. Duncan McDonald was an officer at Bolton Lodge for 20 years.
Dr. Paul McDonald
D.L. Duncan McDonald
brother of Lorenzo Dow McDonald
 John Wesley McDonald
           wife - ????
         both buried at Sardis UMC
           son - John N. McDonald
                    born 1886
                wife - Anna Belle Cain McDonald
                          1889 - 1954
           both buried at Sardis UMC
daughter - Margaret A. McDonald Quaries
                 1883 - 1926
       husband - Hugh Latimer Quaries
                  1873 - 1926
          both buried at Sardis UMC
Thank you, Anne Hughes Webster for the help putting together the facts on the McDonald and Hughes families.
Lorenzo Dow McDonald
         12/24/1804 - 12/5/1870
      wife - Weltha Mincey McDonald
                4/13/1810 - 1/7/1880
had 13 children
both buried at Sardis UMC
       son -  Reuben Phillip McDonald
       son - Anderson Ray McDonald
       son - John Wesley McDonald
       daughter - Martha McDonald
                        born 1842 died 1854
                        buried in Hall Co.
        son - William Glenn McDonald
        daughter - Mary Ann McDonald
        daughter - Eliza Ann McDonald Collier
                          12/06/1844 - 12/4/1908
                   husband -  Wesley Gray Collier
                                   1/6/1824 - 12/4/1908
                                   farmed in Buckhead area
                                   both buried at Sardis UMC
        son -  James Henry Pitchford McDonald
                  3/17/1847 - 5/2/1928
             wife - Mary E. Cook McDonald
                       8/31/1851 - 7/28/1909
           both buried at Sardis UMC
        son - Lorenzo Dow McDonald, Jr.
        son -  Sinclair Asbury McDonald
                  born 1852 was Engineer for W&A RR 
                  died in train wreck
        son, identical twin - Alfred Turner McDonald
                                          born 1853
                wife -  Hariett Irwin
                     grand daughter - Annie Lee McDonald Hughes
                                               husband - Miles Hughes
                                  daughter - Anne Hughes Webster
                                           ???? - present
                              daughter - Rosemary Hughes Daniell
                                        Nov. 29, 1935 - present
                      brother - Dr Paul McDonald
        son, identical twin - Allen Pierce McDonald
                                          born 1853
                wife - Mary Irwin
Note: the twins married sisters
        son - David Lewis Duncan McDonald
                1855 - 02/05/1930
               wife - Mary L. Hindman McDonald
                         1857 - 1933
          lived in Bolton
          both buried at Sardis UMC
son - James Clark McDonald
         buried at Sardis UMC
son - Charlie M. McDonald
         09/03/1877 - 02/01/1897
         buried at Sardis UMC
 Sardis United Methodist Church & Cemetery is located at
3725 Powers Ferry Road in Atlanta
Below, is contributed by Mr. J. Moore. Thank you Mr. Moore!

I've decided to contribute McDonald genealogical information to your website, as follows (limiting myself to Bolton McDonalds).
Three McDonald brothers settled in Bolton: ALFRED, ALLEN and DUNCAN.  They and a number of their descendants were members of Collins Memorial Methodist Church.  One of the large stained-glass windows in that church has an inscription in memory of Alfred and his wife.  (The father of these three brothers was Lorenzo Dow McDonald, who is buried at Sardis Methodist Church, Powers Ferry Road.)
ALFRED TURNER MCDONALD married Prudence Irwin and had four children: Paul, Homer, Mark and Annie.  Alfred lived on Bolton Road in a very small frame house, long gone, beside Whetstone Branch, at the bottom of the long hill just south of the intersection of Bolton and Marietta roads.
Paul studied medicine and was the Bolton physician.  Much of his practice consisted of house calls, so I never saw the inside of a doctor's office until I was 13 years old.  Paul married Mabel Morris, lived on Marietta Road very near its intersection with Bolton Road, and raised a large family.  I believe all of his children moved away from Bolton, although most remained in the area.  I used to play with his grandson Larry, who was to become a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Homer married Mayme Gallagher and raised a large family, but none of his children remained in Bolton, to the best of my recollection, except his daughter Margaret, who was principal of Bolton School until she joined the WACS during World War II.  One of his sons-in-law was James Carmichael, a prominent businessman who ran for governor of Georgia when I was still living in Bolton, probably in the 1940s.  He won a majority of the popular vote but lost the election because of the county unit vote system.  Homer had a career at the Atlanta Works in Bolton, and they lived on Bolton Road at the intersection of Adams Drive (where the old Marietta streetcar line crossed Bolton Road).
Mark married Mary Lee Earwood and had two children: Dorothy and Irwin, both of whom moved away from Bolton.  But for years Dorothy played the piano for church services at Collins Memorial.  Mark lived in a house on Bolton Road very near Whetstone Branch (see above), next door to his parents.  Mark was an art glass cutter, and I seem to remember hearing that he played some role in the design or construction of the stained-glass windows at Collins Memorial, but I am not sure of this.
Annie lived in a large brick house at what is now 2356 Bolton Road, built for her by her father Alfred and his twin brother Allen, both carpenters.  That house was in the same long block as Mark's house and Alfred's house.  Annie married Miles Hughes and had three children who lived to adulthood: Hortense, Donald, and Edmund, all of whom eventually left Bolton.  But Hortense was for many years director of the choir at Collins Memorial.  Sometimes she also played the piano for services there.  Miles Hughes, with his brother Joe, founded "Hughes Bros.," the grocery store at the corner of Bolton and Marietta roads that also contained the Bolton post office.  That later became Carlton's grocery store.  The Carlton family lived next door to my grandmother Annie.  After our family decided that Alfred McDonald and his wife Prudence had become too old to continue living alone in their little house, they moved into my grandmother's  house for the last four years of their lives.  So we were four generations in that house, a great advantage for me.  When I entered first grade at Bolton School, I could already read and spell, thanks to the efforts of my grandfather and my g-grandmother.
ALLEN PIERCE MCDONALD, Alfred's twin brother, lived diagonally across Bolton Road from Annie McDonald Hughes.  He married Mollie Irwin and had three children who lived to adulthood: Lillie, Myrtie and Grover, all of whom died unmarried and without issue.   
DAVID LEWIS DUNCAN MCDONALD ("Duncan"), brother of Alfred and Allen above, lived in a large house on top of a high hill at the intersection of Bolton and Marietta roads.   That house was torn down when the grade railroad crossing was rebuilt as an underpass, taking Bolton Road beneath the railroad.  The whole hill was graded down at that time.  This happened during my childhood.  David married Mary Hindman and raised a large family.  Of those children, I knew only their son Albert, who lived on Bolton Road, in the same block as my other McDonald relatives.
Kate, the above is a very brief summary of my recollection of the McDonalds in Bolton.  I hope you are pleased with this, my contribution to the McDonald genealogy to be included on your website.