Miles Hughes built a brick house across from the Agape Center at 2356 Bolton Road, in the 1920’s, which still stands today. He had a grocery store in Bolton. He married Annie Lee McDonald Hughes, who’s brother was Dr. Paul McDonald.
Jack and Joe Hughes, had Hughes Bros., which was at the site of the brick building at the corner of Bolton Road and Main Street.
Edmund C. Hughes, in Feb. 2009, celebrated his 94th birthday.
Rosemary Hughes Daniell
Anne Hughes Webster
2356 Bolton Road
Brick building at the corner of Bolton Road and Main Street
Dr. Paul
Edmund C. Hughes
Edmund C. Hughes
Miles A. Hughes
           ?? - 1881 -????
          wife - Annie Lee McDonald Hughes
           ?? - 1887 -????
son - Edmund C. Hughes
         1915 - present
         son - Jack Hughes
son - Parker McDonald Hughes
          1910 - 1976
          wife - Melissa Ruth Connell Hughes
                     1915 - 1985
           Melissa was a step daughter to John T. Carroll
           Melissa was referred to as “the prettiest girl in Atlanta”
                     daughter - Rosemary Hughes Daniell
                                       Nov. 29, 1935 - present
                     daughter - Anne Hughes Webster
daughter - Hortense Hughes
1908 - ??
Thank you Anne Webster !
Anne has been very helpful in helping with the history of the Hughes and McDonald families.