The area of the Chattahoochee River now known as Bolton in N. W. Atlanta, was a settlement for the Creek Indians  called Standing Peachtree During the War of 1812, it was chosen as an ideal crossing point to transport soldiers, traders and supplies across the river. Lieutenant George Gilmer, was given the task of building an army fort, and a crossing near the mouth of Peachtree Creek where it flows into the Chattahoochee River. To accomplish this he needed the expertise of Major James McConnell Montgomery, who was at the time the superintendent of artificers in the army. In 1814 Fort Peachtree, also called Fort Gilmer, was built and a flat raft crossing system was complete.

After the war was over, James Montgomery in about 1821, decided to uproot his family from Jefferson, Jackson County, Ga. They were the first white citizens to settle in this area. For $100., they bought 1000 acres, which at the time was Dekalb County, and was on both sides of the river. He built a 2 story house, which was the first house in what was to become Atlanta, just South of the intersection of Moore’s Mill and Bolton Roads. 

James Montgomery rebuilt the ferry and started
                        Montgomery Ferry
a private river crossing for the locals who needed 
to transport supplies and livestock from side to side.

 James McConnell Montgomery,????, 1770 -- Oct. 6, 1842, was married to Nancy Farber (or Farlow) Montgomery, Oct, 7, 1780 -- July 17, 1842, of Nancy's Creek. She was a Methodist and James was a Presbyterian. They had 13 children. 

They established a church on the Old Atlanta - Marietta Rd. on Casey’s Hill, in Crestlawn Cemetery.
From 1825 to 1842, James served as postmaster, with the post office being located in his home. He also held the office of Sheriff, Justice of the Peace, census taker, Presbyterian Church Trustee, tax collector, Indian Agent, State Legislator, and Senator.

On Dec. 25,1837, then Governor George Gilmer, granted James a state franchise to make the ferry a link in up state travel to the Cherokee domain.

 James and Nancy departed this life within 3 months of each other. They are laid to rest about 200 yards west of their home in the Montgomery Cemetery a private family cemetery, where 3 of their sons had already been laid to rest. See Article.

In 1849 the State of Georgia, bought the freedom of Ransom Montgomery, a slave that was owned by James Montgomery. Ransom saved the bridge of the Western & Atlantic Railroad across the Chattahoochee River from destruction by fire. This was the only slave that the State of Georgia ever owned. MontgomeryFamilyArticle.html shapeimage_4_link_0
 Historical Marker

Location:    Moore's Mill Rd at Bolton Rd
LATITUDE    33.8207472756
LONGITUDE    -84.4511137912
County:    Fulton
 Montgomery-DeFoor House Site
James McC. Montgomery(1770-1842), of Jackson Co., Ga.,War of 1812 veteran, settled in this vicinity about 1821. He resided in a 2 story house just S. of shere Moore's Mill Rd. joins. Owning land, both sides of the river, he had a private ferry until a State franchise, Dec.25, 1837, made it a link in up state travel to the Cherokee domain-the house, a way-stationmon the route & a Post Office, 1825 - 1842.
In 1853 the heirs sold the 1000 acre tract, the house and the ferry to Martin Defoor, who resided here until his death,1879. The names of both owners survive as well known roads.