Trolley Barn
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The small brick structure near the river is an old waiting station for the Atlantic Northern Railway. This triangular shaped building, c. 1904-1905, is a fine example of an early 20th century substation. 
Following the end of World War II, with the return of private automobiles and unrationed gas, the demand for trolley service nose-dived. The last trolley ran on January 31, 1947. 
An Historic Preservation report, compiled by Ray and Associates, which gives a detailed history of the evolution of the structure and recommendations for its restoration. 
The building has great potential in the context of the Riverway. Its position as a gateway is illustrated on the Photo simulation. Several possible re-uses include: 
* Park Headquarters 
* Office building for the Riverkeeper 
* Atlanta office of PATH Trailbuilders
* Education center and small museum for interpretive 
* Rentals of bicycles, canoes, kayaks, roller blades, etc.