(DEC) lat: 33.8142719
(DEC) long: -84.4532628
elev. 787 ft.
(DMS) lat: 334851N
(DMS) long: 0842712W
June 22, 1915
Oct. 15, 1915 Georgia Gov. Nathaniel Harris and other city and state officials officially welcomed a group of Northern tourists participating in a Dixie Highway motorcade. The group had spent the previous night in Chattanooga, and after an afternoon visit to Rome proceeded to Atlanta. The purpose of their highly publicized visit was to promote completion of the new Dixie Highway, which when completed would allow motorists to drive from Chicago to Miami on good roads. Trailing the procession was a baggage car [see photo] that proclaimed, "600,000 Automobile Owners Are Awaiting the Completion of the Dixie Highway to See the South." Atlanta Constitution editor Clark Howell, Sr. had been a leading force in inviting such motorcades in order to stress need for better roads in Georgia. And to emphasize the importance of a good turnout, the front page of this day's issue of the Constitution sent out an appeal:

"At 4:30 o'clock this afternoon every auto owner in Atlanta is requested to meet at the Majestic hotel for the purpose of motoring in Bolton, Ga., on the Chattahoochee river, to give the tourists the greatest road reception they have received anywhere along their route."
Atlanta Road Bridge  --  Bolton Ga.
Bolton Krystal
Does anyone know who this is?
Bolton Post Office 1954
Bolton Theatre
Opening night Advertising
Chattahoochee Ave.
opened  1956
closed  1973
On December 22, 1837, the Governor of Georgia appointed Charles Bolton, state Railroad Commissioner, and two other men to supervise the extension of the Western and Atlantic rail line into Atlanta. The town of Bolton, once known as Fulton, Boltonville, and Iceville, for the Atlanta Brewery & Ice Co., was incorporated on December 20, 1893. It is located just south of the site of the Standing Peachtree Indian Village, which is the earliest place associated with the Atlanta community. Bolton was annexed to the City of Atlanta in 1952.
Area: 2,114 sq. miles